2019 SER Championships (Payments)

Swim England SE Youth and Age Group LC Summer Championships 2019

Venue:Wycombe Leisure Centre (Youth) & K2, Crawley (Age Group)

This site should be used to enter payment for the SER Summer Champs events you entered on the SER website and were accepted for.

Note that there is no need to enter accurate times (NT is okay) but the total events entered and paid for should match the number of swims you were accepted for.

Gala Dates:

03 May 2019 - 26 May 2019

Squad(s) open to:

All SER Qualifiers


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Gala Events

Numb. Event Qualifying Time Upper Limit Time Cost Entry Time
1 50m Freestyle N/A N/A £7.00
2 100m Freestyle N/A N/A £7.00
3 200m Freestyle N/A N/A £7.00
4 400m Freestyle N/A N/A £7.00
5 800m Freestyle N/A N/A £7.00
6 1500m Freestyle N/A N/A £7.00
7 50m Breaststroke N/A N/A £7.00
8 100m Breaststroke N/A N/A £7.00
9 200m Breaststroke N/A N/A £7.00
10 50m Butterfly N/A N/A £7.00
11 100m Butterfly N/A N/A £7.00
12 200m Butterfly N/A N/A £7.00
13 50m Backstroke N/A N/A £7.00
14 100m Backstroke N/A N/A £7.00
15 200m Backstroke N/A N/A £7.00
16 200m Ind. Medley N/A N/A £7.00
17 400m Ind. Medley N/A N/A £7.00

Please note an administration fee of £1.50 will be added to your event fee