2019 Guildford Winter Open

Guildford City Winter Open – 2019 (Level 2) Licence SE191744.

Date and Venue: Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th November at Surrey Sports Park, Guildford.


Qualifying times are in place for this gala (your time must be equal to or faster than the QT), so please ensure you are eligible to enter (long course conversions will be accepted). 

These qualifying times relate to your age as at 31/12/2019 (minimum age of 10 years as of this date).

Entries for Thanet swimmers will close on Tuesday 22nd October and all entries should be submitted using theTSC Gala Entry screen below (the closing date specified on the gala entry pack/conditions is the deadline for club gala secretaries to send club entry files, associated paperwork & payment to the gala organiser). 

Gala Dates:

16 November 2019 - 17 November 2019

Squad(s) open to:

Youth Performance and Age Group Performance

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Gala Events

Numb. Event Qualifying Time Upper Limit Time Cost Entry Time
101 Girls 400m Freestyle N/A N/A £8.75
102 Boys 400m IM N/A N/A £8.75
201 Girls 200m IM N/A N/A £8.75
202 Boys 100m Backstroke N/A N/A £8.75
203 Girls 100m Breaststroke N/A N/A £8.75
204 Boys 200m Butterfly N/A N/A £8.75
205 Girls 200m Freestyle N/A N/A £8.75
206 Boys 50m Freestyle N/A N/A £8.75
207 Girls 50m Butterfly N/A N/A £8.75
301 Boys 100m Freestyle N/A N/A £8.75
302 Girls 100m Butterfly N/A N/A £8.75
303 Boys 200m Breaststroke N/A N/A £8.75
304 Girls 200m Backstroke N/A N/A £8.75
305 Boys 100m IM N/A N/A £8.75
306 Girls 50m Breaststroke N/A N/A £8.75
307 Boys 50m Backstroke N/A N/A £8.75
401 Boys 400m Freestyle N/A N/A £8.75
402 Girls 400m IM N/A N/A £8.75
501 Boys 200m IM N/A N/A £8.75
502 Girls 100m Backstroke N/A N/A £8.75
503 Boys 100m Breaststroke N/A N/A £8.75
504 Girls 200m Butterfly N/A N/A £8.75
505 Boys 200m Freestyle N/A N/A £8.75
506 Girls 50m Freestyle N/A N/A £8.75
507 Boys 50m Butterfly N/A N/A £8.75
601 Girls 100m Freestyle N/A N/A £8.75
602 Boys 100m Butterfly N/A N/A £8.75
603 Girls 200m Breaststroke N/A N/A £8.75
604 Boys 200m Backstroke N/A N/A £8.75
605 Girls 100m IM N/A N/A £8.75
606 Boys 50m Breaststroke N/A N/A £8.75
607 Girls 50m Backstroke N/A N/A £8.75

Please note an administration fee of £4 will be added to your event fee